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Simple Man


One of the opening songs for the concert - a cover of "Simple Man", written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington (I've never been a great singer ) is one that has resonance for men who have made serious mistakes in life. I thought it might set a good tone for the beginning of the concert. Awhile later The Freedom Orchestra performed significant portions of my compositions for Lucifer Rising.



Lucifer Rising Performance


1978 live performance of the music for Lucifer Rising at California State Prison, Tracy, with Bobby BeauSoleil's band The Freedom Orchestra. Large sections of this performance were incorporated into the actual soundtrack. Rare footage indeed!





Bobby BeauSoleil with element66


Live video of element66 featuring Bobby BeauSoleil. Denial is from The Dysprosium Collection which has a psychedelic electronica rock flavor that is not only catchy, but has a dark twist with a pulse that will have you drawn into a future you didn't see coming.





A Tribute to Bobby BeauSoleil and Kenneth Anger


Music by Bobby BeauSoleil (Part 1 from Lucifer Rising). Unforgettable visions by Kenneth Anger. Edited by Ruslan Akhemtov.






The Orkustra


THE ORKUSTRA: Experiments in Electric Orchestra from the San Francisco Psychedelic Underground, 1966 - 1967.






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