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Bobby’s BeauSoleil’s ode to peace.  A single long instrumental of ambient music performed on electronic keyboards.  Intended to promote higher levels of clarity.  A soundtrack for contemplation, relaxation, meditation, or to help create a peaceful space for work.  Recorded at Oregon State Penitentiary.




Animations and Guest Spots


Bobby’s BeauSoleil’s 3D animations as well as him featured on tracks with S. A. Harris, element66, and LooNurGooSe.






Dreamways of the Mystic, Volume 1


A guided journey through mysterious dreamscapes. (compilation)






Dreamways of the Mystic, Volume 2


Live video of element66 featuring Bobby BeauSoleil. Denial is from The Dysprosium Collection which has a psychedelic electronica rock flavor that is not only catchy, but has a dark twist with a pulse that will have you drawn into a future you didn't see coming.




Lucifer Rising Soundtrack


The original motion picture soundtrack, unabridged.






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