Greetings and welcome to my headquarters on the wild wild web.  This website exists by Grace and the efforts of stalwart friends and family through whose kind support I am able to maintain a bridge connecting me, while I remain imprisoned as a ward of the state, to the world at large.  I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of the fruits of what talents and skills I’ve been personally endowed with, and some of the histories and philosophies surrounding them.


If you happen to be among those persons who may visit this site looking to gratify some curiosity regarding unfortunate

associations that haunt my past, I’m sorry but you will have to look elsewhere.  There are more than enough (too many) elsewheres to turn to for that sort of thing.  In other venues I have been forthcoming about those aspects of my life.


This website, however, exists only for the purpose of showcasing my music and sound design, and sharing my visual art, as well as some videos and writings related to these modes of expression. Please appreciate my work, or not, solely on the basis of its merits as art.  By doing so you are likely to learn more about the truth of who I am, if  that is of interest to you, than in any other way.


Here you can view all of my paintings and drawings, and listen to all of my albums, every track full length, for free.  Send an email to be added to the mailing list, or visit the Newsroom frequently to keep up on developments as they arise.  Your comments are welcome so feel free to send me a message or post your thoughts on my Facebook fan page wall.


Thank you for visiting and for taking some time to explore what is offered here.


If you would like to


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