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Manifesto of an Artist in Prison

Feb 11, 2016


Every so often I have come under fire for the path I've chosen around expressing in the creative arts and publishing my work through an online presence. There are people, perhaps well-intentioned, who are adamant in their stance that prison is for punishment, and that people who are doing time for a crime should not be permitted to engage in activities that do not strictly conform to this narrow definition. Since my ability to produce and publish my work in a reasonably meaningful way are occasionally influenced by controversies of this sort, I am taking this opportunity to address the issues head-on and describe what drives the kinds of activities that sometimes put me in the line of fire.




Lucifer Rising, The Original Soundtrack - Complete

Nov 15, 2016



My deepest gratitude to the Doping-Pong art house in St. Petersburg, Russia, for this magnificent cover art for the Lucifer Rising OST album reissue on Ajna, 40th Anniversary Edition.





Get it Now!

OCT 31, 2016


You are cordially invited to help me celebrate my birthday next week, and all the presents are on me because I'm literally giving away the store. As an expression of gratitude for all the support and encouragement I have received in response to my work I am, for a limited time, offering you an opportunity to download all of my currently published music, every track, for free. As in complimentary, gratis, no charge whatsoever, no obligation, no strings attached. Visit my online music store and you will find that all my music titles are priced at $0.00; simply add the titles you want to the shopping cart. You will not be charged at checkout. There is only a brief opportunity to take advantage of this free offer, no fooling, so get it now! And many thanks for the kindnesses you've shown to me.


— Bobby BeauSoleil




SEP 02, 2016




First I want to apologize for the naivety  contained in those words.  I write them as they come to me while I am listening once again the splendid score you write for Lucifer Rising. I am currently going through a complicated and difficult period, and i wanted to thank you, your music help me a lot to find the inner strength necessary to reborn to myself. I miss the words to express my gratitude to you . So , again thank you .








There is never anything naive when sincerely expressing gratitude to another person. I am grateful to you for your kind words. Hearing you tell me that some of my music has helped to support you during a difficult period in your life is encouraging to me as well.


Thank you.





Interesting Questions About Sin

AUG 18, 2016


Dear Dima,


You've asked me some interesting questions:


"Do you think there are sins that cannot be forgotten or forgiven? You must know this better than anyone. And also, is the moment when you can forgive yourself for the sin the moment when the sin is absolved? Since it is the God in us that suffers for our sins, isn't it? I think when God is in a good mood he says there is no sin at all."


In the most ancient of Asian spiritual traditions God (Brahman) is said to be changeless and immovable. In this understanding God would not be subject to moods, and certainly untouched by sin. Would God stand in judgment of God?


The very notion of "sin" is a human invention. Any forgiveness or absolution required must, therefore, be the responsibility of the human sinner. What human culture has come to think of as sin, that of sin being some sort of black mark on our soul or some violation written in God's book, misses the point — literally. Sin is a most unfortunate error that has been perpetuated by biblical scholars and clerics for millennia, an error that has wrought great strife and needless suffering in the world, the result of an incorrect translation of scripture.


The Holy Bible we know today was originally written in Greek. The word sin in Greek in literal translation means "to miss the mark", as an arrow shot from a bow may miss the target. So the term was never intended to refer to some stain on the sacrosanct, unblemishable soul. A sin is simply a poorly aimed shot. We sin when, either through ignorance or forgetfulness, we fail to connect ourselves properly in the consciousness of God. It may be necessary to forgive oneself for making a mistake, by admitting it, but the only absolution necessary is to correct one's aim.


Purity is inherent in all of existence. No misbegotten notion of sin can make us impure, and there is no devil that has the power to come between us and our own divine nature. The only satan or adversary is the ego that wrestles incessantly in the mind to perpetuate the error of believing oneself to be separate from that purity — to keep one missing the mark. The devil is a make-believe character in a story told to children in an attempt to make them obedient, and sins are merely tricks of this devil used to throw off our aim. The sooner we disabuse ourselves of such silly notions the sooner we will know the unfettered freedom that is our birthright.





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