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Global Fulfillment from our Gallery

April 8, 2016



What you may already know is that superior quality reproductions of all paintings and drawings by Bobby BeauSoleil currently in publication are available via Fine Art America fulfillment. This US based company produces and distributes archival quality framed prints, as well as unframed prints and greeting cards, and ships them worldwide.


What you may not already know is that Fine Art America has been expanding globally, and now has 15 production and fulfillment centers in 5 countries! What does this mean? It means that all orders for framed and unframed prints and cards will ship to any address in the US, Europe, UK, Canada and Mexico within 2-5 business days! It also means low local shipping rates and no import taxes!


Visit the Gallery to browse the available art and use the viewing tools to zoom in and see details in the individual paintings, and to see what prints will look like in a wide variety of framing options.


The BeauSoleil Gallery



REVIEW - Dancing Hearts Afire

March 10, 2017


Peter Thelen, editor of the online rock music magazine Exposé, has recently reviewed my album, Dancing Hearts Afire, reissued on CD last year.  You can read it here:


Feels good to see this deeply personal recording get some attention from the music press.




Dancing Hearts Afire CD available on Amazon.


Winter in Russia

March 9, 2017



My dear friend Dima recently sent me this photo from St. Petersburg, where he lives. A taste of winter in Russia.  I don't know what this structure is. I asked Dima if it is a gulag for trees. With Vlad Putin in charge over there, who can say?


Manifesto of an Artist in Prison

Feb 11, 2017


Every so often I have come under fire for the path I've chosen around expressing in the creative arts and publishing my work through an online presence. There are people, perhaps well-intentioned, who are adamant in their stance that prison is for punishment, and that people who are doing time for a crime should not be permitted to engage in activities that do not strictly conform to this narrow definition. Since my ability to produce and publish my work in a reasonably meaningful way are occasionally influenced by controversies of this sort, I am taking this opportunity to address the issues head-on and describe what drives the kinds of activities that sometimes put me in the line of fire.




Lucifer Rising, The Original Soundtrack - Complete

Nov 15, 2016



My deepest gratitude to the Doping-Pong art house in St. Petersburg, Russia, for this magnificent cover art for the Lucifer Rising OST album reissue on Ajna, 40th Anniversary Edition.







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