Poisonous Polyphonia

JAN 28, 2015



Poisonous Polyphonia is the second in my Band Outa Hell series.  I seem to recall sitting in and jamming with this guy once.  Bad mutha on the B3!  Groans and snarls and snake hiss harmonies!



Bella Mordacia

DEC 31, 2014



BELLA MORDACIA is a painting of a vampiress I did in 2011 for a client who would eventually sign on to be my girl friday. Some aspects of her countenance are depicted here. In addition, the inspiration for this piece was the character Vampira who appeared in a few cinematic classics such as Plan Nine From Outer Space, where she haunted the screen with Bela Lugosi in a reprise of his signature Dracula persona (turns out it was all part of a space alien plan to feed on humanity). Plan Nine is positively one of the most influential wedges of horror-cheese ever infused into celluloid. If you've seen this gem you know just what I mean! Yet a far cry more engaging than the Twilight series of films, whose protagonist is merely a wussy distant descendant of Vampira, the immortal queen of them all whose otherworldly manner is reflected in this image.




DEC 08, 2014


Great new review of The Lucifer Rising Suite CD





Three Faces For Carnevale

SEP 10, 2014



THREE FACES FOR CARNEVALE is a recent painting. It was commissioned by a woman who is intrigued by the mystery and beauty to be found in the masks and costumes one would encounter during Carnivale in Venice, where there is a rich, centuries old tradition of wearing masks in public.


Having never been to Venice (or very many other cities), I had to do some research to prepare for doing the piece. This consisted of looking at an assortment of photos and a rewatching of Stanley Kubric's film 'Eyes Wide Shut'. From this limited exposure it seemed to me that pretty much anything goes in the traditional designs of Venetian masks, from pretty and coquettish to grotesque, though all of the masks I saw in the images were decidedly human in their general features. Drawing some inspiration from these sources I then designed three masks from imagination. The one in the center is the one I might make for myself were I ever to have an opportunity to participate in the Venetian Carnivale.


If you visit my online gallery, you can see this painting in greater detail.



Smoking Up A Storm

JUL 22, 2014



Here is an image of a painting I recently finished entitled 'Smoking Up A Storm'. Portraits are a rarity for me. Left to my own devices I'm not ordinarily inclined to do them. This one was commissioned by the subject, Billy Leroy. Those of you who know him or have seen him on the Baggage Wars reality TV show will be well aware that he is almost never seen when he is not puffing on a cigar. I had fun making this aspect of Billy's personality the theme for this painting.




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