The Spiritual Significance of Music

JUL 13, 2015


I recently received this message from Justin St. Vincent, the chief editor at Xtreme Music online magazine:


Just thought I'd reconnect as I've recently redesigned Xtreme Music featuring our exclusive interview together.


Please feel free to share this link with your friends and fans as I'd love for them to learn more from the insights in "The Spiritual Significance of Music".


Blessings and Best Regards,





Asymmetrical Basslines

JUN 01, 2015


ASYMMETRICAL BASSLINES is number three in my Band Outa Hell series. A direct descendent of Quasimodo and a cousin of Igor, this guy plays the bass in a most otherworldly fashion, completely outside the box, never repeating the same line the same way twice. Makes for wild dancing!



The Light Watch

MAY 27, 2015



Inspiration for THE LIGHT WATCH came to me full force while working on another painting. The muse spoke so powerfully that I was forced to stop work on the painting to sketch out the composition for this one. It struck me that the turbulence of the world is a persistent challenge to the one whose responsibility it is to hold the light steady for all those who search for it. This image is an interpretation of that notion.




MAY 24, 2015



THE STORYTELLER is the name by which some cultures native to North America refer to Raven, a remarkably intelligent and talkative bird. Early in my youth I had some encounters with a raven that brought some inspiration for this piece. Around the corner from Grandma's house, where I stayed most summers when I was a kid, there lived a man who kept a raven as a pet in a large cage near the front door of his house. The raven's name was Sam. I rarely saw the man but I frequently visited Sam. Whenever I did he would greet me by arching his neck until his beak was near his feet and say, in a perfect imitation of the deep voice of the man who kept him, "Hello, Sam!" While doing this painting I imagined Raven telling astonishing stories in Sam's resonant voice.




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