DJ Mag Russia, Autumn Edition

December 13, 2017



DJ Mag Russia features a two page spread on the Lucifer Rising LP with a nod to Doping-Pong's cover art.


Thanks Dima!



The Ride Out Of Bardo

May 5, 2017



A bit of play on the concept of bardo, described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead as a "place" or conditional phase that the transmigratory soul passes into at the end of an incarnate life. Some souls are said to become disoriented upon death of the body and may become stalled in the bardo for a while; others want to get the hell out of there as fast as they can!

— Bobby BeauSoleil


The original of this painting is 14 x 17 inches, mixed media on bristol board.



REVIEW - Dancing Hearts Afire

March 10, 2017


Peter Thelen, editor of the online rock music magazine Exposé, has recently reviewed my album, Dancing Hearts Afire, reissued on CD last year.  You can read it here:


Feels good to see this deeply personal recording get some attention from the music press.






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