Lucifer Rising Tribute T-Shirt

April 15, 2018




Hellwood Outfitters has produced an attractive BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL/LUCIFER RISING tribute t-shirt.  You can get one HERE.


Nature Boy

March 20, 2018



It is with great pleasure that I announce the debut of a new short film by Shazzula Vultura Ridens.  The film is entitled Nature Boy, the same title as my interpretation of a song penned by Eden Ahbez that is on my forthcoming double album, Voodoo Shivaya, is the film’s soundtrack.  This collaboration is unveiled today in observance of the Vernal Equinox, and as a harbinger of things soon to come. Watch the film here.  And enjoy this preview of music from the new album.


The Garden

March 6, 2018


About a year ago my dear friend Dima, a respected artist of the Doping-Pong artist collective who lives in St Petersburg, Russia, sent me a photograph of his beloved city's Summer Garden in winter. I was not sure what I was looking at and asked Dima if it were a picture of a Gulag for trees. I was half-joking, and he thought my remark was pretty funny. Now I am sharing a photo of the Summer Garden from the same perspective taken this past summer. A study in contrasts!






My Adventures in the Bardo

February 13, 2018



Over recent months I have been participating in interviews with Niklas Göransson for Bardo Methodology, a printed magazine published on a, um, somewhat improvisational timetable in Sweden. If you are at all interested in knowing what makes me tick at the deepest levels of my being, particularly in relation to what inspires me in my creative work, this series of interviews may be of interest to you.


Bardo Methodology is an English-language magazine featuring interviews with artists, musicians, philosophers, mystics, scholars, scientific researchers, and weirdos like me who are given to mixing disciplines. The magazine explores a broad range of unusual topics, with emphasis on the strange and esoteric. It is aimed at seekers of a deepening understanding of reality, and examines techniques that may be an aid to them in their search. The visual design of the magazine is facilitated by artist Timo Ketola, and leans to the shadow side of the visual art spectrum.


A somewhat abridged version of my first interview with Niklas as can be read HERE. The full version is published in Bardo Methodology #2, and the second interview in the series will appear in issue #3. The physical magazine is distributed in North America by The Ajna Offensive. Elsewhere the magazine can be ordered from, where you can also read highlights of past articles and see images of some fascinating art.


-Bobby (yes it's really me) BeauSoleil



Lucifer Rising Soundtrack Infiltrates Pop Culture

December 19, 2017



Now on Netflix, Gaga: Five Foot Two is a new documentary film about Lady Gaga by filmmaker Chris Moukarbel. Especially noteworthy as a Newsroom blurb because a few sections from my original soundtrack for Kenneth Anger's underground film Lucifer Rising have been used in the production to support several significant scenes.


Moukarbel's production company sought and was granted a license to use the music in the film, so this is all legit, in case you wonder. This was also the case when Gaspar Noe used a portion of the Lucifer Rising soundtrack to support an erotic love scene in his film Love a couple of years ago. A few years earlier Moukarbel's company licensed a bit of the soundtrack for his film Me at the Zoo — appropriately enough, to go under a sweeping aerial shot over Los Angeles. At this rate my underground film soundtrack may become the most movied score in history!


If you would like to check out Gaga: Five Foot Two you can find it listed among the new movie releases on Netflix. If, like me, you don't get Netflix you can view the trailer here:


If the Lucifer Rising soundtrack album slipped under your radar and you would like to give it a listen visit the music page on my website. There are still some copies of the recent vinyl reissue and The Lucifer Rising Suite boxed set on CD available. Either would fit nicely beneath your Yuletide tree.




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