The Ride Out of Bardo by Bobby BeauSoleil


A bit of play on the concept of bardo, described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead as a "place" or conditional phase that the transmigratory soul passes into at the end of an incarnate life. Some souls are said to become disoriented upon death of the body and may become stalled in the bardo for a while; others want to get the hell out of there as fast as they can!

— Bobby BeauSoleil


The original of this painting is 14 x 17 inches, mixed media on bristol board. Professional prints are available in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed, from The Bobby BeauSoleil Gallery.

Commemorating 40 Years since the Inception

Lucifer Rising Soundtrack by Bobby BeauSoleil



Forty years or so ago Bobby BeauSoleil conceived of the music for Lucifer Rising as a single continuous piece of music, a 45-minute rock symphony. Despite the rigors and challenges imposed by his imprisonment he delivered his psychedelic opus, fully realized, and presented it as a complete work on LP in 1979.


This commemorative reissue on the Ajna label is faithful to the artist's original conception, restored to a seamless whole by returning to the nascent mix tape and giving it a fresh mastering for the ultimate in audio fidelity. Now available on vinyl LP via Amazon and CD Baby as well as a Digital Download.


A limited run of silk-screened t-shirts are also available from Ajna.

Lucifer Rising Infiltrates Pop Culture


Gaga: Five Foot Two (Netflix) is a new doc on Lady Gaga that features music from Lucifer Rising.



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