MANTRA is a music composition that I composed and recorded in 1997, and first released in 1998 in compact disk format. Subsequently, a few years later, it saw a limited vinyl LP release on the Italy-based qbico label. Sections of the recording were also included on the Dreamways of the Mystic compilation album. Being an ambient music recording performed on electronic instruments, MANTRA was never expected to find a wide audience. The popularity of this release has not surpassed these modest expectations. However, there are people for whom this recording has resonated more than any of my other musical offerings. It is for them, and for anyone similarly oriented who has yet to encounter this music, that MANTRA is now being reissued.


Originally composed as a single piece of music over 45-minutes long, the intention behind MANTRA was, and continues to be, to provide a sonic atmosphere for peace and serenity within one's personal environment. The music incorporates carefully chosen harmonic sequences known to stimulate physical calm in a manner that facilitates higher levels of mental awareness. Listeners have reported remarkable benefits when playing this album, including its use as a tool in pain management, masking unwanted noise, calming children, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, as a soundscape for work or reading, or to encourage deeper sleep. There is a subtle power in music, potentially, and this composition seems to have successfully tapped into that power for some people. For this reason I offer MANTRA once again, in the hope that it may bring you some benefit in your life.




Bobby BeauSoleil

February, 2016

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