Courage! When all around you is in turbulence and the world seems bleak and darkest, remember there is a light to guide your way to safe harbor. Seek it with an open heart and it will shine for you. It has no other choice.

   Unprecedented calamity calls for extraordinary gyrations.


   Back in March, when the spread of the coronavirus outbreak was picking up momentum in the US, and otherwise sane people were, for good reason, freaking out ... when we were all being put on lockdown status (welcome to my world!), with a great many people consequently losing their income, with the result that the world economy was beginning to slide into freefall ... while we all sat in our dwellings with our eyeballs glued to our screens, aghast and in simmering near-panic as what sometimes seems like

doomsday unfolds before us ... with all of that, I for my part felt stricken by frustration.


   There are so many people I dearly love in this world. All I could do at first was pace to and fro in my cage wishing there were

some way I could help, some meaningful way I could express solidarity with my fellow human beings during these troubled times.



   Then it occurred to me: I could make all of my recorded music and visual art available for free. It's not that much, a tiny thing compared to caring for the sick and feeding the hungry, but something I can do under my present circumstances to say to those who enjoy and appreciate my work that I share your pain and concerns. A small gesture to offer my brothers and sisters some

solace and support during this deeply stricken period.


   In the intervening months, with the invaluable help of my stalwart friend who administrates all online platforms that bear my personal stamp, the first phase of my new Free For All business model was put in motion, and is now complete. My entire catalog of original music, all 80+ unique tracks, has been lofted heavenward and now resides on the free streaming service, SoundCloud. In a similar fashion, all of my music tracks have been combined with a gallery of my visual art to my channel on another free streaming service, YouTube, where the music and images of my paintings have been combined with examples of my animation

work and live performance videos.


   On the Music page of my website ( you will find handy SoundCloud players for each of albums and song singles, with notes, as well as a player that will let you play all the tracks with a single click for hours and hours of continuous music with no repeats. Jump over to the Movies page on the website and you'll get access to the music, art, and videos on the YouTube channel ( Or, if you're really lazy, tell your cell phone or smart speaker to "Play music by Bobby BeauSoleil on SoundCloud."


   Please stay safe and protect those around you.





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